Who is Inked Sports.

Inked Sports was founded in November 2021 as a solution to the increasingly expensive, saturated, and secretive influencer marketing industry.

When college athletes were finally allowed to engage in sponsorship deals beginning Summer 2021, Inked Sports seized the opportunity to help an underserved community of college athletes by connecting them with brands hungry to authentically reach Gen-Z.

our Core values

Authenticity, passion, diversity of thought, love of learning, and teamwork.

Everything we do at Inked Sports, whether it's working diligently with our brand partners, creating personal connections with our athletes, or hiring the future of this industry, we will always follow these five core values.

480,000+ college athletes every year have little to no help securing sponsorship deals.

Inked Sports taps into a crucially overlooked sector of college athletes. Our case studies have proven that these athletes with a following between 1,000 - 6,000 perform exponentially better and offer a prime marketing ROI compared to other traditional influencers. Our mission is to help empower these athletes while in tandem serving our brands.

College athletes reach a desirable audience for brands.

Gen-Z spends an average of three hours per day on social media (nearly double the global average) and 63% of Gen-Z shoppers buy products they have seen on their social media feed. The heavy majority of a college athlete's followers (approximately 75%) are Gen-Z, a highly valued audience.

The Journey of Inked Sports

Our story and beyond.


Inked Sports Begins its journey

While completing his Junior year at the University of Southern California, Tyler Shooshani founds Inked Sports. His journey was sparked by the desire to provide equity of sponsorship help to college athletes across all sports and divisions.


Inked Sports Launches

In July 2022, Inked Sports launched the Athlete App, enabling athletes to apply and interact with deal opportunities. In the first 6 months, Inked Sports onboarded 500+ athletes, closed 100+ deals, and proudly generated $10,000+ in sponsorship value for our athletes.


Inked Sports Team Grows

As the new year begins, so does our mission to expand our team. We are hiring account executives to continue building personal relationships with brands while facilitating their connection to our athletes. By year's end, our goal is to reach a network of 20,000 Inked Athletes, 50 brand partners, and one university partner.

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