Case study

Lusso Cloud

Building Out a Micro-Influencer Network

Lusso Cloud is an up and coming footwear company in the pursuit of comfort nirvana. Take a look at how we helped Lusso launch their product to thousands in Gen-Z.

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Applications and Selections.

Through the use of our exclusive Athlete App and our proprietary Audience Interest Calculator, we were able to pinpoint 5 out of the 18 applicants that matched Lusso's influencer and audience needs.

Post Strategy and Execution.

We coordinated with Lusso to make sure our influencers captured the content they needed in time to be able to promote our client's Black Friday sale. We emphasized to our influencers that their sponsored posts should be authentic to them, and encouraged them to explore different ways they could promote the product. Needless to say, they nailed it.

Campaign Summary.

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