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Inked Sports is a free and non-binding service for all college athletes. Our exclusive mobile app allows college athletes to receive direct access to all sponsorship opportunities with our brand clients.

Join the rave, download the app today, and become a part of the 10,000+ and growing Inked Athlete Network!

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How can I join the rave?

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How it works.

Apply to be an Inked Athlete.

Download our app, fill out our application form, and give it about 24-48 hours for us to get to your application for review. Once your application is reviewed, we will notify you via email + text about the results.

Be active and apply to deals.

Once you are a registered Inked Athlete, you will officially be given access to our mobile app, where we post deal opportunities all the time from our brand partners that you can directly apply to. You'll receive notifications from the app once a new deal is live.

Or, just sit back and relax. We've got you taken care of.

We are constantly pitching brands on exciting campaign options to sponsor you, your teammates, and other athletes from your school. The more athletes from your university who join the platform, the far more likely you will all get a sponsorship deal since brands love team/university-wide campaigns. Keep spreading the word, you all have been killing it so far!

Any suggestions??

As an Inked Athlete, you'll receive the numbers of everyone at the company and what their role is. This is so if you have a specific brand in mind that you and your team are dying to get, or have a quick question about anything, you can text us anytime of the day. Even though our service is non-binding, we want you to feel like the Inked Sports team is your personal manager/agent. We will always be there for you whenever you need us!

Become an Inked Athlete.

To become an Inked Athlete, rack up at least 5 points. Here's how to check if you are eligible:

6 Instagram posts min. = 1 point
Public Instagram = 2 points (required for all athletes)
1000 - 2999 followers = 2 points
3000+ followers = 3 points

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